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The Botox

It can be seen as a revolution in the field of Aesthetics. Its success in the removal of the wrinkles especially in forehead and around the eyes is superior to surgical applications. It can be said that Botox is one of the most commonly used aesthetical procedure.

Its application areas develop gradually. The most often used application areas are; especially excessive sweating in underarms, hyper hydration treatment, wrinkles occur around the lip, lines in the neck, wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead.

There are rare and problematic areas in terms of Botox applications as well. For example; Lifting the tip of the nose by freezing  the muscle that is pulling down the tip, Lifting the breast by filling the certain parts of the breast muscle. These applications are so far away from the successful results provided by the surgery.

To Whom Botox Applied?

It is hard to determine the age limits in wrinkle removal treatment. It is possible to start Botox application at mid-twenties, if the amount of the wrinkles becomes annoying. Even if getting effective results only with Botox is hard at older ages, with facial rejuvenation operations or without operation only with Botox, partly good results may be gained.

How is Botox Applied?

In office conditions, after the skin is cleared, EMLA cream (anesthetizing the application area) is applied to the area on which the Botox is applied and after approximately 30 minutes, it can be applied. Some people may tolerate the BOTOX application without the application of EMLA cream.

Application points are determined by asking a patient to make mimics  and injections with necessary dose are injected.

When Does the Botox Operate?

Botox operates generally after 2 days but the total result can be seen after a week..

How Much Does the Effect of Botox Last?

The effect of the Botox lasts for 4-6 months. This length of time is may be shorter or longer for some people. The length is related with mostly metabolizing of the medicine by the body rather than the dose of application

What Mustn't I Do After the Botox?

There is not to much limitation following botox application. However, it is advised NOT to massage the injection area for a few hours to have a better effect. You might  hear certain limitations that are unscientific such as bending down and doing sports must be avoided hours .

What Type of Negativities Can Be Seen After Botox?

Botox applications give good results most of the time. There are certain problems  that can be related to Botox.

What Are These?

Even if it is phenomenal, it is possible to meet people who say there has been no effect  after the Botox. The possible reasons of this situation can be some problems in the production of the medicine, some troubles in preparation and storage conditions, wrong injection techniques, and keeping the medicine open for a long time. Hardly, approximately % 5 -10 percentage of the people develop resistance to the A type of toxin that is used in the preparation of the medicine. In this case, a rare medicine that is prepared with B type of toxin must be used.

Dissymmetry after Botox application: It may be caused by ignoring the other existent dissymmetry or not giving much care to the dose and injection places. Generally it can be removed with additional applications after 2 weeks from the Botox application.

The effect of the Botox disappear earlier than it's supposed to be: This is so interesting and complicated situation: We think that there is a problem with the dose but we cannot give a scientific explanation to it. We generally observe that the medicine is effective for 6 months “ it is more effective especially in the first 4 months but in some situations the effect of the botox disappear earlier than it's supposed to be. In this case, we can talk about a chemical process that pulls the medicine down. For this reason it is useful to keep in mind that the effect of the medicine is not same for everyone, and it may come down in a shorter time for some people.

Over lifting the eyebrows after Botox. Here, it is necessary to state that there are personal expectations. While some people desire a natural result, the others can not tolerate even a slight wrinkle. For this reason, the techniques of dose and injection vary from person to person. It must be already talked whether a person wants to have his/her eyebrows lifted or not, and a slight mimic control as well. In a situation of undesirable over lifting in the eyebrows it is possible make some arrangements with additional doses. The maximum care and expectations must be talked in the first application certainly.

The pouch in the upper eyelid after Botox: This is a rare situation. However as the experience in application gained, the possibility of the pouch in the upper eyelid after Botox decreases. Sometimes it may be seen in applications performed often and with over dose. Generally, it reforms automatically in time. Sometimes, a special medicine dropper can help the findings decreased.

Warnings: Botox application technique may seem simple but it contains important details within itself. In my opinion, This technique must not be applied by persons who do not receive a good medicine education in hairdresser saloons and beauty salons, moreover, even if he/ she is a doctor except for a plastic surgeon and dermatologist this technique must not be used by her/him. In addition to this, except for the known and legal products, unknown products that are brought with suitcase trade must be avoided.

I wish you have days with more smiles but less wrinkles :)



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