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Thermage-Nonsurgical Procedures with RF

A technology, which is one of the nonsurgical procedures, is developed as a result of long studies and this technology effects the connective tissue by using radiofrequency. About this topic, termage ,from many products, draws attention with its high standard in terms of the energy it produces, strength and safety parameters. What is the difference between Thermage and other Radiofrequency devices? In comparison with other radiofrequency devices, the energy and strength produced by Thermage is higher. For this reason, thermage can be successful at a single session. The success that the Thermage has at 1 session is bigger than the other devices' success achieved at 10-15 sessions. The most underlying cause of this situation is that it can be used only by educated doctors while other many radiofrequency devices can be used by staff members who are not doctor because they are simply designed both in terms of usage and strength.

To Whom Thermage applied ?

The people who have minor problems that do not necessitate a surgical intervention are suitable ones. These people can ease their limited problems with Thermage and postpone a surgical intervention. Another group of people who get benefit from Thermage are the ones who do not consider to have surgical operation and who have hesitations in having surgical applications even if they are suitable candidates for them. Even if they can not gain the effective results of surgical interventions ,Thermage provide them to have an observable profit however limited it is.

To which areas Thermage is applied to?

The most effective results are get from face region. The under face region and neck are the most frequently applied regions. Forehead and the region around the eye are the ones the thermage operates well. Except for these, Thermage finds area of application in the removal of limited sags of abdomen, leg, the region around the knee and arm

How is Thermage Applied?

After cleaning and mapping process which facilitates the procedure, are done, with a suitable number of shoot determined by the chosen title and strength, radiofrequency is applied on the area

How and When Does It show Effect? And How long does it last?

The effect of the Thermage can be seen approximately after 2 weeks. Longitudinal contraction of bunches of collagen that are affected by Radiofrequency application and the development of new collagen are seen. These changes makes more stretched skin structure. This effect develops increasingly until the 4th month. After that, its efficiency lasts for 18-24 months.

Has it Got Any Side Effects?

In spite of using an effective cap that is deep enough to firm, If a cap that is effective on fatty tissue and can reach deeper tissues is used, it can reduce the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

What Can it Be Combined With?

Thermage can be combined with most of the other noninvasive applications. In addition to Botox and filling applications, it can be used with fractional laser which is successful in the rejuvenation of the face skin.

Can Thermage Be Repeated?

Thermage can be applied on the same region again. Generally, its repetition is suggested after 2 years from the application.

Can the Operation Performed After It?

After Thermage application, there isn't any obstacle to surgical applications.



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