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Micro/Mini Rinoplasty

Rinoplasty is a surgery technique started to be done in 1930’s.The first applications are made to minimize the roman nose, a generous removal of the bone and the cartilage gives the expected results but it causes respiration difficulties and aesthetically bad results.

Understanding the importance of the nose anatomy gives rise to a desife for the accurate techniques and the reformation of the nose by protecting the structure of the nose. For this reason surgery techniques are revised and more accurate equipments are started to used. Moreover, the advances made in the anaesthesia techniques and invention of the new medicines help the patient to be more comfortable after the operation.These applications continuing development through the years and accelerating the process of the recovery with each passing day are developed in an effort to help the person to return his/her daily life so as soon as possible. 

These efforts continue with an increasing developments but there isn't a basic change that can be called as a revolution. Main steps of the operation are the reformation of the cartilages located on the tip of the nose and nasal bridge bone, applications made on the soft tissue, addition of the cartilages.


Determining only the needs of the patient, planning the operation with the person by using the simulation techniques, during the operation making changes with the least trauma are the bases of modern rinoplasty. At the time of the rinoplasty operation, tens of devices are used and each device is designed specially for a specific procedure.When we look at the structure of the nasal bridge, contrary to the belief, there is much more cartilage tissue than bone tissue. For minimization of the nasal bridge ,contrary to the common belief again,certain distinctive changes can be required on cartilage tissue and it may be formed by the best sharp devices.


For modification of bones, rasps,saws,chisels and electrical pliers might be used.To make a decision on the type of the device is associated with the experience and priority of the surgeon.Expressions such as; To cut the nasal bridge with a sharp chisel and calling it as a breaking bone and to do this action with electrical pliers and naming it as a micro-rinoplasty (operation carried out without breaking the nose) and also regarding this action as a revolution in rinoplasty are so far away from the scientific thought and they seem to deal with advertising.It will be no surprise, if these terminologies such as; mini-microrinoplasty,super microrinoplasty,develop through the time and this is not just a prediction.



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