plastic surgery is the mathemathics of the beauty at the same time...

Facial Rejuvenation

One of the important development of the Modern age is having a long healthy and beautiful life as well as getting older.Along with sport, diet and regular sanitary control, due to the symptoms causing the person to be seem older,exhausted and weak,people start to give importance to the nonsurgical and surgical techniques of the plastic surgery.

This interest prompt Plastic surgeons to develop more extensive and successful techniques. Today, It is possible to make certain applications that are combinations of the various techniques.For this reason ,in the concept of facial rejuvenation we shouldn't mention only one operation since there are many techniques used alone or together such as; botox,fillings,lifting and resurfacing procedures together with thermage or fraxel laser and skin care.

Aging is a complicated mechanism.Skin aging process may vary from person to person. While some skins wrinkle earlier due to the lifestyle and the genetic features,in some of them saggings laxation are in the foreground.

Pouches and sags generally located arond the eye are the first signs of the aging . While some changes happen such as; clear cheekline, the loss of the sharp impression in the chin line and certain slow changes going forward to the neck., It is recognized that the real mechanism is consited of changes in the collagen and elastin structure of the tissues,and unbalanced tickening of the hypodermic fatty (decreasing or intensify ) , thinning on the bony tissue from place to place.

Because of this, in addition to plastic surgery procedures, the person has to bring a lot of arrangements from nutrition plans to lifestyle habits into his/her life.

Facial Rejuvenation, Things that can be done with the main lines

Effective procedures on the suface of the skin:

These are procedures leading up to reviving and refreshing epidermis such as; skin care, peeling, injections,dermarols, fractional laser applications, microdermabrasion.

Lift procedures:

Many procedures can be found: face lift, neck lift, blepharoplasty, eyebrow and brow lift ,brow and midface lift endoscopically, mini face lift and hanger techniques.The aim here is to lift the sagging tissues , elevation of  smas and muscle tissues ,and putting the tissues into their original places.

Volume Boosting Procedures:

As we getting older, the downward shift of the fat pads on the cheek bones and the stickiness are so common.We can see the difference easily by looking at the photos of our grandmothers taken in their young and old age.The reason of a decreasing volume on the gonion can be the loss of the sharp impression of the chin.While the lift operations are organising the shifting tissues, making the fat injection to the areas that are supposed to be more filled or replacement of the medpor silicon prothesis might be required.

Firming Procedures:

Thermage radiofrequency applications can be used to develop the surgery operations and to arrange decreased effects in time.These applications may be repeated periodically. It is necessary to know that there isn't any unique and miraculos tecnique that prevent the signs of aging. Since aging is so complicated, envolved and multidimensional procedure, rejuvenation procedures must be the same as well.



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