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Eyelid Surgery

Generally the first signs of the aging occur arond the eyes. Excess of the skin on the upper eyelid and sags, wrinkles and pouches draw the attention.While these signs seem so limited and likely sometimes,In case of fatigue and sleeplessness they can be more significant.

Generally, the reasons of the applications are: the feel of an increasing heaviness and sag in the evenings, the rising pouches.People indicate that they seem more tired than as they are and they ask for remedy.Actually, when talking about eyelid surgery, we should mention on brows,forehead and midface. But, not to cause any confusion I want to talk about only eyelid surgery in this section.However , sometimes I carry out extra necessary procedures such as; brow lift, forehead lift, midface rejuvenation, after I evaluate the surrounding tissues.

How is Eyelid Surgery done?

Aternative applications are possible for the procedure.Only the upper eyelid surgery can be done under the local anaesthesia, the anesthesia of the area which require procedure.In the upper and lower eyelid operations combination of the sedation (the creation of the state of sleep whose deepness can be controlled by the infusion of some drugs)and the local anaesthesia is a technique that I prefer mostly. If certain procedures must be applied to the forehead and midface area, it would be better to prefer general anaesthesia.

What is the length of Eyelid Surgery operations ?

The procedure takes approximately 30-40 minutes for the both eyelids. If the lower eyelide is included, the length is about 1.5 hour.

What is my condition after the Eyelid Surgery operation?

Water resistant paper tapes are placed on your upper and lower eyelid. These paper tapes are placed in such a way that they do not prevent you to see. Shortly after the process, a cold application is done periodically.Generally a slightly increasing edema is expected for the first 2 days.From the third day, swellings start to decline and on the 4th day paper tapes are removed. For a few weeks, heavy exercises and too hot bathings should be avoided.

What must I do before the Eyelid Surgery operations?

Before the procedure, you must stay away from blood diluent medicines especially aspirin. If you have optical problems, and if epiphora or xerophthalmia are existent before the surgery,  you should declare it for a better evaluation.

Are the Eyelid Surgery Operations standard?

Eyelid surgery operations are the ones that must be planned individually. Priorly, a detailed analysis is required.Choosing one or the combination of the techniques that are taking and removing the fat pouche and compressing their upper layer is required. The procedures that must be done on the muscular tissue ; how much skin is removed or is it removed or not? must be noted. Fat injections for volume restoration, the analysis of the procedures that must be done on the brow and midface leave the surgeon t to plan the operation of the this area individually

Are undesired results possible in Eyelid surgery operations?

If the skin is removed unduly, there may be difficulties in closure. An excessive removal of the fatty tissue may lead to cavitation of the eye.Absence of the lower eyelid support cause rolling eye corners or sclera to be seen overmuch. Bad scars are  rare but possible.

How can I keep away from the bad results?

Firstly, the bad resuts mentioned above are seen hardly. With good analysis, planning and a careful surgery the possibility of having these results is so rare.



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