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Endoscopical Facial Aesthetics

What are he advantages of the Endoscopical Facial Aesthetics?

The advantages in forehead and midface operations in which the procedures are done on smaller cuts with the help of endocopical devices are: Surgical scars are minimal as the incisions are smaller.Again the minimal surgical incisions help the recovery process to be much more faster and the patient to feel less pain and sensitivity.

How and To whom Endoscopical Facial Aesthetics Applied?

Generally,in people of middle age group signs of early aging can appear on certain areas such as; brow and midface.In this case, despite the general surgical applications including the whole face, limited surgical interventions in the problematic areas only are treated. In endoscopical facial aesthetics, instead  of the long incisions of the face lift, operation is carried out by he short and small 3-4 incisions remained in the hair. Thin and optical device entering from this incision help us to see the operations that will be carried out the inside without a significant incision. While the optical device is inserted from the one incision, the other devices inserted from the other incisions help us to carry out the procedures such as; incising, separating and suspending.This operation is done under general anaesthesia or sediation local anaesthesia.Only in the forehead applications the patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day, If the midface operation is required, he/she can only be released from the hospital on the following day.

How is the recovery process after the Endoscopical Facial Aesthetics?

As the cutting is small, patient has an easy recovery process.But, contrary to the common belief, there is much more swelling in endoscopical operations. Since,the operation is carried out with dissection under the periosteum, much edema occurs and it recovers more slowly as the operation is carried out in closed area.

How are the Endoscopical Facial Aesthetics results?

In cases such as there is no excess of skin, it is successful in the preventation of laxity and sag.The results may not be long-lasting, in the absence of the successful dissection and tissue fixation. One of the profits of the endoscopical Facial Surgery is the ability to do effective interventions in midface area, because inspide of the scars,in classical face lift surgery these interventions  to correct the midface may not be so successful.



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