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Brow and Eyebrow List Surgery

It is common to see the patient suffering from the signs of aging such as; lavation,sag and wrinkles around the eye.Especially eyebrows  replaces downward may not be realized and it increase the sagging  in the upper eyelid which causes much complaint. If the sagging  in the upper eyelid is less with the elevation of brow during examination  cause of the problem is thought in related to the  partially low set  eyebrows

Eyebrows locate in different ways in males and females.While the end of the eyebrows in females are supposed to be approximately 1 cm above from the orbital bone, generally in males the eyebrows are on level with it.

How is Forehead and Eyebrow Lift Surgery carried out?

The most common and simple eyebrow lift tecnique is botox injections that are temporary ones. They are simple and effective.An another procedure,among the minimal interventions, is an eyebrow lift technique with sewing ring.It can be done under local anaesthesia.A suture placed as a form of ring between the eyeward and scalp can provide the eyebrow to stay in the upper position. But this technique is not regarded as a safe one.It can require repetation.However, sometimes it is prefered since it is simple. If it is necessary to lift only the end of eyeward, the most common technique I prefer is fixation of the eyebrow tail. In this proceedure I make a small incision of a 2,5/3 in the scalp and the surgical release so that the end of the eyebrow is fixed in an upper position.The fascia in the temporal region is used for the fixation.This technique is successful and permanent as it has simple , practical surgical characteristics.

If there are aging signs in the whole area along with the forehead and  eyebrow, my choice is to use Endoscopical Eyebrowlift technique.In this technique,with the help of a camera of 3-4mm and accurate instruments, we enter from the small incisions made on the scalp and release the area, and good fixations are done on the upper positions.This procedure help  to weaken of the muscles causing deep lines between the eyebrows.

What  is the Anaesthesia preference  in Eyebrow Lift and Forehead Operations?

Many alternative applications are possible for this procedure.Only the local anaesthesia is not preffered generally. Sediation (the creation of the state of a sleep whose deepness can be controlled by the insfusion) and the local anaesthesia combination are the techniques I use most. If more extensive  operations are needed, in this case, general anaesthesia can be a more suitable technique.

What must be taken into consideration before Forehead and Eyebrow Lift Operations?

Before the operation, blood thinner medicines especially aspirin should be avoided. If you have optical problems, and if epiphora or xerophthalmia are existent before the surgery,  you should declare it for a better evaluation.



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