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MidFacial Surgery

Generally, when we look at a human face, a triangle consisted of front,round of the eyes,nose and round of the mouth is at the forefont In this area which is called central trinangle,cheek,lip and the lip line,the condition of the cheek soft tissues give us information about age and the beauty of the person.

In classical face lift operations, surgical operations that are done on the front area of the ear do not have impact the midface.For this reason,It is useful to make certain manoeuvres on the midface.The general of these operations are called midface  surgery interventions. The main plastic surgery interventions done on mideface are endoscopical techniques. With the help of a small incision made at hair line, It is possible to reach forehead and midface as well. Midface interventions can be made by combining this incision with an intraoral incision, in addition to this, It is possible to reach midface by the help of an incision made from the lower eyelid.

No matter which incision is used , the aims of the midface operation are, to fix the saggy midface tissues on the upper point via the separation procedure made on the periosteum, to remove the level difference between cheek and eyelid and to minimize the deepness of the cheek line so as to reverse the signs of the aging into a younger impression.

To Whom Midfacial Aesthetical Operations are carried out?

It can be applied to the people who are only in their 30-40-50's and have problems effecting the midface such as; nose,round of the eye and mouth.And it may be planned as an extra procedure in which a wide range of surgical techniques are used for the people who have problems effecting the general of the face and neck.

How is the recovery process after the Midfacial Aesthetical Operations ?

As well as edemetaus swellings are possible in first days, in midfacial operations patiens are mostly able to do their daily routins in about a week.

The short incisions provide both comfort after the operation and short recovery process.



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