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Neck Aesthetics

Neck Aesthetics can be made alone, and they can be carried out in the time of face lift and facial rejuvenation operations as well. While loosenings and saggings may occur in the skin, formation of the band in platysma muscle  and /or  muscle seperation may cause deformities at the same time.

Generally the patients ask for operation due to the loss of intensity and angle on the line that separates face from the neck, and the intermingling of the cheek tissue and neck soft tissue, sag when the neck is drooped, and an explicit looseness.A backward and small chin makes the things much more difficult.Fat accumulation in relation with weight gain might be possible. Moreover the problem can only be this lipoidosis in a young population,it may not be a matter of skin or muscle problem.

What are the Neck Aesthetics Techniques?

If the only problem is fat accumulation, under local anaesthesia with local anaesthesia and sedation ,a liposuction process can be done in young population.

Liposuction to the Neck

While this procedure is made with classsical liposuction, One of the techniques such as;VASER lipo or LASER lipo can be choosen.The result is generally dramatical.Hospitilization after the procedure is not needed.Application of a band for 3-4 days help to reduce the swelling. Having the complete result takes 4 weeks.

Neck Lift With a short incision

The incisions made in operations have a few aims.The first one is to reach the area where the operation is carried out. Second one is the removal of an excess tissues.If the removable skin is not much, it is possible to keep the incision shorter so as to make necessary muscle and subdermal  operations. Performing the neck lift operations with the incisions made on the front and back of the ear are named as neck lift operations with a short incision.

Lipsuction, smas and platisma procedures  can be made from this short insicion and suspension sutures are placed. The patient must be choosen carefully because it is not a suitable technique for everyone. With a short incision, the most important advantage of it is less scar and a fast recovery.

Classical Neck Lift

In the 50-60 and 70'sgenerally, Along with the problems effecting aesthetic appearance such as; smas on the neck, muscle and fatty tissue, there is a distinct excess of skin.Pushing the limits in an effort to carry out operation with short incision can lead to insufficient results that are requiring people to have new operations.
In this case,the removal of the excess skin by using a classical incision rounding from the front and the back of the ear gives better results.Recovery process is a little bit longer, tension and oedema after the operation are longer again.Inspite of this, It is possible to return daily life in a week.

Alternative Techniques on the Neck

In the last years, minimal invasive techniques using sutures to enhance the neck, neck lift applications are possible, even if they are not used so common. It seems appealing as it is fast and simple but actually it is not so because it is not suitable for every patient. It is not preferred since the feeling of a tension is unsettling and the results are not foreseeable.

Another non-invasive procedure is botox applied to the neck.This procedure is based on the  lifting  of the tissues with the effect of botox but its effect  lasts only for a few months.



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