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Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Prominent ear is a very compelling problem that effects pschology of the children in a bad way in their childhood. It can be ridiculeted and it can break the self-confidence of them.Growth of the ear,as being different from the other tissues of the body, is so rapid that it reaches the adult sizes (%90 percentege of its growth is completed) from the age of 6.For this reason It is possible for children to have an operation for the removal of ear deformities and aesthetical problems at the age of 6.

There two main problems in prominent  ear.Both of these problems can appear together or one by one.The first one is about the open posture of the pinna from the skull base, and the second one is about the development disorder of the pinna..

How does the prominent  Ear treated?

The treatment is surgical.The unique alternation is the reformation of the pinna form by replacing a sponge device that is suitable for the ear twists if the problem is realized in the months following the birth. This procedure does not make sense in the childhood and adulthood.

Surgical operation can be carried out under the local anaesthesia, local anaesthesia with sediation or general anaesthesia. In accordance with the problem, cartilage is reformed by the help of a incision made at the back of the ear, if the pinna is away from the skull base, it is get closer. If the ear lobe is big, it can be minimized.After the operation, a bandage that is covering the ears is applied.

On the 4th day the bandages are removed and the patient is allowed to have a bath.For 2 weeks, ears are protected with the help of a bandage at nights.In the first weeks,swelling and sensitivity are possible. The patient turns to his/her daily life so fast.

What is the Right Timing in prominent  Ear Aesthetics?

The age of 6 is an age that the growth of the ear is completed to a large extent. These operations can be carried out at the age of 6 ,so you can prevent your child to become an object of derision at school by his/her friends.There is no obstacle to have these operations in an advanced ages.



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