plastic surgery is the mathemathics of the beauty at the same time...

Lip Aesthetics

The procedures done about the form and volum of the lip can be combined in a few topics.

Fillers to the Lip

The most common application is enhancement of the lip contour and volume.The procedure is so simple that it can be made at the office.After the anesthetic cream application on the lip, the contour of the lip is made explicit by the help of serial injections containing the filling (derivative of hyaluronic acid) and then, the pink part of the lip as it is called tubercule is enhanced. Swelling is possible for the first few days of the operation but, it is not supposed  to  effect  daily life . Generally,This application is efficient for 6 months or a year, it might be repeated.

Fat Injection to the Lip

Fatty tissue taken away from the body can be filtered and concentrated . After these procedures this concentrated fatty tissue may be injected to the lip with the help of a thin cannula.The fatty tissue can be taken from any other part of the body that has an excess fat such as; waist, abdomen , leg or back..It is possible to remove the fatty tissue by the help of a incision of 2 mm. This fat is cleaned with a serum and it is concentrated so that it is injected to the lip.

The proceure can be done under the local anaesthesia or a sedation and it is not necessary to stay in the hospital.On the first day, there may be a very big swelling.Application of a cold compress is useful in this case.Generally, the swelling declines in a week. The result is more durable when it is compared with the filling but it is far away from being foreseeable.After the 6 months or a year, the procedure might require repetation.

Replacement of Fascia into the Lip

 fascia slips taken during face lift surgery  can be replaced into the lip in an effort to enhance the volume of the lip. Recovery after the operation takes time, and it may cause temporary  loss of sense on the lip.

M Plasty on the Lip

Under the local anaesthesia, with a simple intervention it is possible to slide red  and wet part of the lip to the front to augment the lip . The area in the mouth is cut as a figure of W and it is carried forward as a figure of M.

The procedure is simple and the recovery is quick.On the first days, soft food must be taken and the sutures in the mouth fall in a week.. The impact is durable and in the first week it cause a little bit hardness on the lip. Even if it is not known commonly, it is useful and successful.It does not create the feeling of a strange object in the lip because the inner tissues of the lip is slided.



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