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Jaw Aesthetics

Tip of the jaw and jaw significantly affect the facial visage.While evaluating the proportion of the face the jaw must be taken into consideration. What we call profile plasty is the look of the jaw lenght when we look at it from the sideway. The  length and projectıon  of the chin  must be idealized.

When we investigating the problems of the jaw and the chin , dental closure is checked. If the occlusion is not ideal ,firstly the orthodontic treatment is applied and then the position of the tip of the jaw and dental closure are idealized.If there is no problem with it and the problematic situation is deal with the chin ,the most suitable technique from the various techniques is choosen.

Jaw Augmentation Technique

Jaw augmentation technique can be done with the help of a durable fillings in office conditions.Generally, a filling that contains hydroxyapatite-calcium crystals is injected as a planned form and amount.The impact lasts 18-24 months, hardness and sensitivity can possible on the first days. Generally, it can be used as a temporary testing process for the people who have the doubts in their minds about the result.

Fat injection to the tip of the jaw

The formation and the augmentation of the tip of the jaw is possible by the help of an injection. In this process, Fatty tissue is taken from the body with a liposuction technique and it is injected to the lip. The fatty tissue is filtered and concentrated, it is injected to the tip of the jaw from a few point.

The results are not so predictable,Sometimes it may last long or sometimes there may be a rapid tissue loss.This procedure can also be used for the patients who have hesitation in using the prothesis or the aim is slight jaw augmentation.

Chin Prothesis

Medpor and silicon prothesis with an appropriate size and shape can be used for the augmentation and reformation of the chin .Generally A pocket is prepared on bones with the incision inside the mouth. The the prothesis with an appropriate size and shape is placed.Prothesis designed for the augmentation of the chin edges are possible. The usage of these prothesis are the same as well.

Replacement of the prothesis is done under general anesthesia most of the time. Jaw aesthetics operation takes 45-60 minutes. According to the condition of the pocket, the prothesis are fixed with small screws and the movement of them is prevented.

After the surgery bandages are put on the jaw and they are removed after 3-4 days. On the first days, the patient must take soft food and hard food must be avoided. Sensitivity, swelling and paresthesia in the lower lip can be seen., but they recover so fast. In last periods of the surgery, even if it is rare, conditions such as; reaction in the prothesis, a change of place if it is not fixed and feeling edges of the prothesis when they are touched, are encountered situations. Alteration or trimming of the prosthesis  can be needed.



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