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Face,Jaw and Cheekbone Implants

Jaw and cheekbone has a great impact on the aesthetical appearance of the face. Certainly, these regions and their proportions are taken into consideration. While reviewing problems about jaw and gonion, closure of teeth is checked. In case of a nonideal closure of teeth, both closure of the teeth and position of the tip of the jaw are idealized by firstly orthodontics treatments and then surgical interventions are carried out. If there is no problem about the closure of the teeth and the case is limited with “ prothesis can be used for tip of the jaw and /or edge of the jaw” ; the most suitable techniques from variable ones is selected.

While checking the cheekbone, maxilla development is examined. If the problem is limited with the size and shape of the cheekbone, malar prothesis are placed and if there is a general incompetency in the development of maxilla, an orthodontic surgery gain currency.

The Prothesis used for the Tip and Edge of the Jaw

Medpor and silicon prothesis with an appropriate size and shape can be used for the augmentation and reformation of the cheek. Generally A packet is prepared on bones with the incision inside the mouth. The the prothesis with an appropriate size and shape is placed.Prothesis designed for the augmentation of the chin edges are possible. The usage of these prothesis are the same as well.

Replacement of the prothesis is done under general anaesthesia most of the time. Jaw aesthetics operation takes 45-60 minutes. According to the condition of the packet, the prothesis are fixed with small screws and the movement of them is prevented.

After the surgery bandages are put on the jaw and they are removed after 3-4 days. On the first days, the patient must take soft food and hard food must be avoided. Sensitivity, swelling and paresthesia in the lower lip can be seen., but they recover so fast. In last periods of the surgery, even if it is rare, conditions such as; reaction in the prothesis, a change of place if it is not fixed and feeling edges of the prothesis when they are touched, are encountered situations.Replacement  or trimming of the prosthesis can be needed.

Malar prothesis

Although malar prothesis start to be used less often after the increasing applications of the fat injections, they are very successful applications. Most of the time it is possible them to place ti its position through  the mouth with help of a incision that is near to the maxilla.Medpor or silicon prothesis are ready-made at a different size or shape. In addition to this, by reforming them with silicon blocks, they can be placed in the time of the operation. The shape of the ready-made prothesis is more smooth and if it is necessary, operation dressing and filing may be done during the operation. Even if it is rare, the possibility of reaction and removal of the prothesis might be seen. After the heavy traumas, the prothesis can break or they can appear on the surface. These problems may require new surgical interventions.



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