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Breast Augmentation Operations

The breast enlargement operation can be carried out to the people who have complaints about the small size of their breasts caused by developmentally problems, losing weight, changes that occur after birth. The factors such as; skin structure, the condition of the breast tissue, the shape of the tit and its location are important for the determination of the technique which is suitable for you.

When the patient asks for the breast enlargement operation, a detailed pre-interview and examination  are very important. The main aims of this talks are the determination of the most suitable techniques for you, and a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the many techniques.

With a Framework...

Certain states should be discussed such as; the size of the breast, the kind and the shape of the prothesis to be used, by which technique it is placed and the location:” the back of the mammary gland or pectoral muscle”

If we mention about these certain states in turn ;your body structure, stature, shoulder and chest width, your expectations determine the size of you breast. In accordance with your body structure, a size which meets your expectations from the suggested upper and lower limits is determined. Here, it is necessary to underline that forcing the limits can cause certain unnatural results and it may increase the possibility of capsule contracture (we will mention about it)

Despite the importance of the examination  findings about the prothesis to be used, the acceptable and commonly used two prothesis in our time can be mentioned. External skin of the these two prothesis include silicone but the liquid parts that give their volume are different.

Prothesis filled with Silicone Gel

As an appearance and the consistence they have similar characteristics with the breast tissue. It is shown that prothesis filled with silicone gel leave a little liquid silicone in the capsule created by the body. Prothesis filled with saltwater have diluted and loose characteristics. The disadvantage of the prothesis filled with salt water is hidden by the pectoral muscle, when it is replaced under of it. If prothesis filled with saltwater is chosen, my preference is that it must be replaced under the pectoral muscle not under the breast tissue. Some studies show that prothesis filled with salt water lose %10 percentage of their volumes in 6 months after the operation.

Generally, it is believed that prothesis keep their integrity except that the woundings caused by a cutter object do not happen. It is known that it does not harm the body in both conditions. However, In a case of wounding caused by a cutter object, the replacement of the prothesis may be needed as they would outflow completely. I do not encounter such a case until this time, but it is possible in our time because accidents are so common. In this situation, if there is a prothesis filled with salt water, the body metabolize this saltwater and an appropriate time for the replacement of the prothesis can be waited.

It is not correct to wait, if the prothesis filled with silicone is used and if the capsule inside the silicone goes out of it. In this situation the prothesis must be removed and replaced as soon as possible. In the opposite case, free silicone without covering may create a inconvenience for the body. In addition to the content of the prothesis, the shape of it can be determined in advance. In fact, the silicone prosthesis used in recent years are called cohesive prosthesis and and these are more concentrated . It is claimed that cohesive prosthesis are not disseminated even if the outer surface are broken down.

The decision on which kind of prothesis “round or teardrop” to be used is made according to the formal structure of the breast and expectations. The main difference between these two prothesis is teardrop prothesis make less fullness on the upper half of the breast when compared with the round prothesis.There are 3 main entrance place related with the way the prothesis is placed. Although, A technique by which the prothesis is placed from the belly-button takes place in literature, it is not noteworthy in terms of its applications and result. From the 3 main entrance place, the decision on which one to use “nipple, the under breast curve or the armpit” is made in accordance with the characteristics of yourself and advantages - the disadvantages of the each are discussed. There are two options about the placement area, under the mammary gland or pectoral muscle under the mammary gland.

Under the muscle is a good option for the camouflage of the prothesis in a conditions that the skin is too thin and mammary gland is incompetent. In addition to this, If there is a sag problem with the breast and this is wanted to be removed by the help of the prothesis without the usage of any other additional technique, the prothesis must be placed under the mammary gland. For the people who do a sport potently, under the mammary gland must chosen and if the prothesis filled with salt water is used, under the muscle is chosen. The situations that requires the consideration of many factors are so often and the decisions are made according to the persons.

One of the recent application in breast augmentation is the replacement of the prosthesis under the muscle fascia. It has the advantages of the submuscular placement without the drawbacks of the undermuscle placement such as animation.

Preoperative-Operative and Postoperative Period

What to do After the Decision of the Operation With a Framework:

·         From about week before the operation day, aspirin and the medicines including aspirin must not be taken.

·         A patient must go hungry from the 6 hours before the operation.

·         A patient had better have a bath at night before the operation day or in the morning of the operation day.

·         A patient should keep casual wear and clothes such as button-up shirts that can be taken off easily with her.

·         A sports bra with the given sizes must be bought and kept with.

·         Medicines that are taken regularly must be kept with you.

After these preparations, you have to come to the hospital in time, and you must have your blood tests anesthesia treatment done. Just before the treatment, the last planning and drawing must be done in your room. In addition to this, photographs that do not include your face ,showing the breast plan from many profiles are taken and they are filed in an effort to see the difference after and before the operation. The operation is carried out under the general anesthesia. When you wake up, there will be a soft bra and dressing on your breast. During the operation, a vacuum device as it is called drain is used in the pocket by which the prothesis is replaced in order to prevent the complications by evacuating the slight leakages. Generally, this device is removed after the 24-48 hours of the operation, and this procedure is done totally for your extra safety. You stay in the hospital for one day.

For the operations carried out in the morning, you can  be discharged from the hospital in the same day. The first two days of the operation, edemas seem intense and patient had better have a rest during this time. In this period if the patient does less arm movements, this will help the pain reduced. .From the third day, edema start to decrease, the movements are done more easily and the patient start to turn back to his/her daily life. In the postoperative period, antibiotic is taken and a painkiller that does not include aspirin is taken. On the 3rd or 4th day of the operation, the paper tapes surrounding the breast are opened and the patient is allowed to have a bath with a slight paper tape just on the incision area. This paper tape and the suture(if it is used)is removed on the 12th and 14th day. In this period of time, 100 mg of E vitamin is taken and the massage explained by the surgeon is done. The patient must not start the heavy sports until 3 week passes.

Complications and Frequently Asked Questions

Every operation has many complications included with complaints caused by anesthesia. Especially in aesthetical interventions, a maximum effort is made in an effort to reduce the number of these complications. Because, these operations are not compulsory, they aim to enhance the quality of the life and image of the human body. For this reason, a maximum attention and selectivity are our main philosophy. Abreast ultrasonography  is suggested in all ages, if a bulk in a breast is founded  in  any age or if the patient is over 40 the mammography is preferred.. Examinations about blood count and coagulation are done in every situation and they are completed with the anesthesia examination. Applications such as; sterilization and antibiotic treatment for protective purposes are made at the highest level against the possibility of infection.

 Bleeding control is made during the operation  extensively and drain is used for safety as long as preoperative blood screening.

In addition to the complications that can be seen in every operation and mentioned above, there are some other states that are peculiar to the breast enlargement operations.

Even if all of the procedure are carried out deliberately, a situation that is named as a Capsule contracture in which the body shows overreaction to the prothesis can be seen with a possibility of %3-5. This case leads to hardening, unnatural appearance and a partial ache on the breast In this situation loosening of the capsule, a replacement or the removal of the capsule may be required. This is a low possibility, and if it happens it seems in the first 6 months.

The numbness  in the nipple can be seen rarely. It is temporary to a large extent, but 5% loss of sensitivity  is stated.

There is no obstacle for the people who have a breast prothesis to become pregnant and put out to nurse, but as the tissue recovery process continues after the operation, it is not suggested to become pregnant in the first 6 months. For the people who have breast prothesis, anticipating the changes at pregnancy and after the birth is not possible. Neither the prothesis contributes the deformation nor it prevents it.

As a result, breasts prothesis is a dramatic and effective technique on the enlargement of the small breasts. The materials used in the operations are the ones used for many years in the medicine and they are accordant with the body and well proven in many fields. However, the patients must bare in mind this there is a foreign object inserted in his/her body and they must be ready for the possible problems and the ones mentioned above they may encounter. At the end of the operation, an epicrisis including techniques and details of them performed in the time of the operation is given to you, it is useful for you to keep this document. For further information and questions apart from this information form, you can make a direct connection with me. Aesthetics has both artistic and scientific aspects and it aims to protect the health of the patient in addition to her beauty.



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