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Breast Reduction Operations

The largeness of the breasts caused by many reasons such as; weight gaining, pregnancy, developmental factors is a common problem. Except from the aesthetical problems, this case is a source of many physical discomforts. These are shoulder ache, posture disorders, itching and redness under the breasts. People suffering from these problems had better know the information below:

* The reason under the largeness of the breast must be investigated whether it is hormonal or not.

* It must be investigated whether the breast growth continue or not.

* It must be investigated whether the breast has a painful or painless bulk.

* It must be investigated whether the breast has an infection before or a surgical intervention is done on it.

Some questions will be asked to you in terms of the characteristics mentioned above and the essential information will be given. Generally, the surgical intervention is done on the breast whose growth is not in relation with hormonal factors and stop in the last 6 months. Certain techniques such as mammography are used on the people who are over their 40's before the intervention. After that, the technique required to be used is chosen according to the size of the breast and mammary gland characteristics. A detailed treatment is made by certain laboratory investigations and the drawings of the operation plan is made. The operation is carried out under general anesthesia. The length of the operation time changes between 2-4 hours according to the technique to be used. A patient stay at the hospital for 1 or 2 days after the operation. In the 4th hour after the operation you are allowed to stand up and eat food. On the first couple of the days, a vacuum bag called as a drain which collects the blood and serum leakages is used. This drain is removed after 1 or 2 days according to the amount coming. Limiting the movements of the arms is useful on the first days. In the first week, paper bands rounding the breast are used but they are removed on the 7th day and slight paper bands clothing the seaming lines is used. These bands are not removed for a week as well.

The largeness of the breast goes hand in hand with sag. The breast may be reducted to a certain extent with a liposuction technique if the form of the breast seems good but the reason of the hypertrophy  is thought as lipodistrophy . If a formation of the breast is required in addition to the breast reduction generally these procedures are followed:

* Nipple is enhanced to the level where it is required to be.

* The upper hemisphere of the breast is generally deficient  in sagging breasts, in the reformation process this area is filled

* The breast which spread towards the armpit is confined to the area that has a narrower caliber so that a better reformation is get..

* During these procedures the breast tissue and skin is removed in an effort to reduce them according to the ideal sizes.

Generally the removed tissues are investigated pathologically.

There are some different characteristics special to the breasts reduction operations related with the techniques that are used. While in certain breast reduction operations, recovery is fast and the patient can turn back doing his/her normal activities very quickly, this process can be longer according to the situation of the tissue removed from larger breasts. The place and length of the scar vary likewise according to the technique to be used. While the operation scars seem more significant in the first months, they change in a better way from the 6th months. While the operation techniques by which the relation between the tit and milk ducts does not damaged are primarily chosen, milk ducts of certain large breasts are cut in some techniques. In this case, a detailed information is given to you after the treatment so that a decision is made by you. The problems that can be encountered after the operation can be divided into 2 categories as preoperative and postoperative period problems. In the early period, the problems such as bleeding, infection and  skin dehiscence are rare. In the postoperative period the problems can be related with scars and form. Significance of the scars, redness, itching can be seen often in people with dark skin in early period and it may require medicine treatment. The problems about the form are mostly related with enlargement. For this reason, the ideal breast size must be determined clearly before the operation by taking into consideration other characteristics of the body.



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