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Breast List (Mastopexy) Operations

The breast lift operations contain the operations carried out in an effort to reform the saging  in the breasts while there is no such a big problem about the size of  them. There are many factors that cause saging. Factors such as; breast feeding, weight gain/loss, aging and gravity cause sags in woman breast in time. In addition to this, if the skin loses its elasticity, both the form of the breast chances and sagging increasingly goes on. Breast Lift operations are carried out to reduce or stop this problem.

Sometimes, breast lift operations solely may not be successful in turning the breast into normal sizes. If the breast tissue is thought incapable, breast prothesis can be used in breast lift operation so that an ideal size is get. On the contrary if the breast is large and heavy, this case effects the durability of the result. For this reason, the possible results must be discussed before the operation in breast lift operations.

There isn't a striking  nonsurgical technique that can be an alternative to the breast lift operations. If the breast is over large, the reduction of it may be useful in terms of getting a stabile result.


As in the every surgery intervention, there may be some risks and complications in breast lift operations. Although these risk are so rare, they must be discussed and evaluated with the surgeon in detail.

The complications that may be seen in the time of the operation and after the operation;

1.Bleeding: Even if it is rare, bleeding may occur in the time of the operation or after the operation. If a case of bleeding occurs in spite of a drain, an extra application may be require for the evacuation. If the patient doesn't take aspirin and some anti-inflammatory medicines for 10 day before the operation, this precaution reduces the risk of bleeding.

2.Infection: It is rare in these type of operations but in case of infection, antibiotic usage and slight surgical interventions can be needed.

3.The changes in the nipple and skin sense: In preoperative period, the changes in senses of the nipple and breast are expected situations. A stable loss of sense is so rare.

4.The form including complications about the breast implants will be given to you, if they will be used.

5.Operation Scars: More or less a certain amount of a scar is possible in every type of the operations. If the wound heals quickly and if there is a little tension, such situations effect the result of the operation in a good way. Stretch sutures and scarification may give way to more significant scars to be remain. Sometimes extra surgical interventions may be required in order to smooth these scars away but they must not be carried out until a year of time passes.

6.Hardness: after the operation in the area of a breast, a long lasting hardnesses can be seen. The frequency of their appearance is not known clearly, but they may require surgical intervention.

7.The unsatisfactory result: there is possibility of unsatisfactory results in breast lift operations even if it is slight. The loss of the skin elasticity, an important weight gain/loss after the operation can cause such a situation. In this case, the repetition of the breast lift operation may be required.

8.Delay  in the recovery period or dehiscence on the wound: Although this case is rare, It is frequently encountered by the people especially who smoke. Healing the wound with the help of dressing is enough mostly, however; additional surgical interventions may be required.

9.Asymetrical problems: Asymmetrical problems in breasts are common. Even if these asymmetrical problems are minimized, there may be differences between breasts sometimes. In order to put these problems away an additional intervention might be needed.

10.Allergic Reactions: The patient can be allergic to the dressing materials, paper bands and some medicines ( even if anti allergy materials are chosen) in this case, some antiallergic drugs can be used.

11. Anesthesia: The problems caused by the local and general anesthesia will be explained to you clearly by your anesthetists and the required information will be given.

12.Certain illnesses about your breast or breast cancer may occur independently of the breast lift operation in the surgical application. For this reason every woman must have her breasts checked and get benefit from the mammography and ultrasound.

13.Pregnancy and breast feeding: The breast lift operations do not effect pregnancy or breast feeding in a bad way. The right timing is important here. In pregnancy, stretch marks in the breasts and sags may occur as a result of gaining over weight. The patient must be ready for these situations.

During breast lifting operations, variable surgical techniques are used. While these operations can be carried out with the help of a incision made on the round of the nipple, sometimes a straight line or T- shaped incision made under the breast may be used. The elasticity of the skin, the structure of your breast, and the expected result are the factors that determine the techniques to be used. The scar is possible according to the technique used in the operation.



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