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Fat Removal/Fat Drawing/Liposuction

An overweight is the most important problem of the modern life that is caused by often driving, sedentary lifestyle and feeding on carbohydrate-rich food. These weights have negative influence on the health and in addition to this, they cause trouble on the appearance. This problem of the today's human can not be underestimated and the United States of America declared that the excess weights named as obeseness will be the main health problem of the next years. Let’s leave the metabolic problems to the related specialists and think the problems caused by overweight and their solutions in terms of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetical Surgery.

What is Liposuction and How it is applied?

It is absorption of the fatty tissue by a vacuum (systems that are creating negative pressure )with the help of cannulas replaced to the sub surface skin from the incisions. If the application is carried out on small areas, it is done under local anesthesia. If it is carried out on wider areas, local anesthesia with sedation is preferred. If the aim is to work on many areas at one session , general anesthesia is more appropriate.

What are the latest innovations on Liposuction/Fat Removal?

Technological innovations have important contributions in an effort to make the fat removal easier. These are:

1. INFILTRATION PUMPS: These are the liquid pumps that are used in an effort to make the procedure easier, work bloodless and painless, help the dissolution of the fat, make liquid transfusion more regular and faster.

2. VASER: It is a device that helps the fat absorbed intensely and the skin become tight more easily by giving ultrasound energy to the application area after the transfusion.

3. LASER ( SMARTLIPO – SLIMLIPO) : It is a laser application performed on the area to be suctioned. It is also helpful to ease fat suction and tighten the skin.

4. VIBROLIPO: It is a technique that facilitates the absorption of the fat with the help of vibratory cannulas during the fat removal procedure.

What are the Points that One Should Pay Attention to Before the Liposuction/Fat Removal?

A patient must not take aspirin and blood thinner medicines from 1 week before the operation. On the other hand, complications such as; increase on the bruises and bleeding may be seen.

Is Liposuction Harmful?

Liposuction is the most frequently used aesthetical surgery procedure. It is an effective procedure when it is performed on the right person. In cases which the skin is loose, the liposuction procedure alone is not sufficient. Liposuction is used as a part of the procedure in many dermolipectomy applications(abdominoplasty, thigh reduction) But if the liposuction is applied only, despite the necessity of dermolipectomy, a satisfactory result may not be get, in addition to this ,skin disorders and sags may occur. As a summary, While liposuction gives good results for the people who have excess of fat and good elasticity of skin, it does not give such results for the people who have loose skin if it is applied alone.

To Which areas the Liposuction is applied?

It is applied on almost every part of the body such as; neck, abdomen, waist, back, arm, haunch, hip, leg knee and lower leg. During the treatment, the subcutaneous fat thickness is analyzed, inundant areas are determined and the application is performed.

Is it necessary to stay at the hospital after the Liposuction is Applied?

Generally, it can be possible to go home on the same day. If the application area is wide, and the amount of the fat removed is big, it can be preferred to stay at the hospital for a night.

What are the Points that One Should Pay Attention to After the Liposuction/Fat Removal?

It is appropriate to have a rest for the first 24 hours of the procedure. Wearing a special corset or tight fitting elastic cloth facilitate the movements of the body and it can reduce the possibility of edema.

When is the result obtained after Liposuction/Fat removal Procedure ?

It is not possible to get the result in the first week after the procedure due to the edema. Changes in the weight are not  noticable in first couple weeks. From the second week, the edema starts to decline and the result is get. Generally after 4 or 6 weeks, %70 percentage of the result can be obtained but getting the accurate result takes longer time.

What are the Undesirable Results that May Occur After the Liposuction?

Findings such as; bruises, over swelling and numbness may be seen in the early period. These are temporary generally. Disorders in the skin, permanent numbness and the changes in the color are the rare, undesirable results.

What If A Person Put On Weight After the Liposuction/ Fat Removal?

It is a very common belief that if a person puts on weight after liposuction, deformity in the body will be seen. This situation is not true at a large extent. The areas on which the liposuction application is performed are the ones that contain oil reservoir of the body. When a person gain weight, these areas are the ones which gain weight first. Actually, fat removal operation done on these areas reduces these characteristics of the oil reservoirs of the body. Even if the person gain weights, fat distrubution <<<<<in the body is more balanced. But if the procedure is performed on the same areas for a few times and a person continues to gaining weight, distribution of the fat is unbalanced and storage of the fat to the areas that do not work such as; back and arm can be seen.



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