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Vaser Lipselection-HD Lipolasty

One of the important developments of fat removal with liposuction in medicine applications is the use of Ultrasound energy. A liquid injection to the area on which the fat removal is applied is an important part of the technique for many years. Following that, many studies have done in an effort to facilitate the dissolution of the fat with the help of a energy that is sent to the area and increase the absorption. In addition to this different energy studies have been tried. One of the these energy types is Ultrasound energy. Even if, the first applications performed during 1990's has some problems with the strength and application system, The third generation the equipments developed in 2000’s put a firm stamp on the liposuction applications of the last 10 years and enhance the results prominently.

How the System Works?

Following the liquid injection, the metal thin tubes enter the marked fat removal areas from the same points of injection. According to the characteristics of the fat removal areas, Ultrasound energy is applied with the help of different tubes in many strengths and types and in different durations. After that liposuction (fat removal) is applied.

What Are the Advantages of Vaser?

The fat removed from the area on which the Vaser applied is fluid and it can be removed easily with vacuum. It helps to remove more fat in a shorter time and with mild bleeding. A more homogenous and intense removal of the fat helps the skin to accommodate itself to the area and be more elastic. Edema and bruises after the application come short. With these advantages, it can be applied wider areas.

Is There Any Limitation on VASER Application in Terms of the Amount that is Removed?

Limitations on the areas and amounts in Laser applications have nothing to do with Vaser because Vaser energy does not damage the surrounding tissue.

Is VASER A Safe Technique?

In comparison with the techniques that are renewed and developed everyday ,VASER is a technology that is maintaining its originality for over 10 years. The main reason of this situation is that Vaser has got a reliable technology that meets the needs.

What Are the Contributions of the VASER Liposuction?

This application turns the liposuction into such an effective technique that it is not just a primitive fat removal technique but it gets the fat removal right and forms the application area. This technique leads the High definition lipoplasty, which leads an accurate and niggling liposuction procedure so that it can provide more explicit core muscles, a deeper waist bend and more explicit hip curve.



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