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Abdominoplasty/Cosmetic Abd.Surgery


·         1. During 10 days before the operation ,a patient must not take aspirin.

·         2. A patient should take soft food for 3-4 days before the operation pulpy food should de avoided.

·         3. One day before the operation in the evening hours, purgation must be carried out with Libalaks suppository.

·         4. A patient must stop eating after the hour that is told.

·         5. Necessary blood tests will be done on the operation day or before. Your anesthesia consultation will be hold and the way of the anesthesia which suits you best is decided in the same way.

·         6. Before the operation a drawing is made in order to plan the procedure in your room. Following that, necessary photographs are taken in an effort to make comparison between differences before and after the operation.

·         7. After the operation urinary catheter is applied on the first day but it is removed when you stand up.

·         8. In postoperative period you will be required to sleep in V position. in order to reduce the tension on the operation area. In this position your torso is lifted 45 degree. From time to time bending your legs towards your torso and making your body couchant at the same time is allowed. From the first hours after the operation you are required to move your legs frequently.

·         9. After the operation a corset surrounding your abdominal region is used. The pressure of this corset can be arranged and it will help to prevent the swellings, and your abdominal region from remaining

·         10. In the first hours of the operation you are not allowed to eat something. Generally you start with liquid food. After gassing easily, you can start to eat soft food. It is necessary to increase the number of meal, and limit the amount of it. In addition to this flatulent food should be avoided.

·         11. The first day after the operation is generally the most uncomfortable  period. In order to overcome this  period more easily, pain killers and sleeping pills are taken.

·         12. The most feared complication of the abdominoplasty operations is emboli. In an effort to prevent this, blood thinner medicines are taken and pressure socks are applied. In spite of all the precautions, emboli might occur. If a patient has emboli or emboli history in his/her life this situation must be stated. The most important reason of the emboli is long lasting physical inactivity .For this reason, the patient move his/her legs often until standing up, and he/she must not lie in the same position. A massage application on the legs and calfs is profitable.

·         13. When you are first allowed to stand up, you will be helped. While standing up for the first time, a feeling of faint and dizziness are not rare at all. In order to prevent this situation, you should sit at the near of the bed for a long time and stand up by looking across. Standing upright and stretching yourself are not suggested. It is profitable to bend slightly due to the tension on your abdominal region.

·         14. For the first second days of the operation, the body has got edemas. Generally, from the third day edema starts to decline and the movements become easier.

·         15.After the operation, a patient stays at the hospital for 2 or 3 days. You are required to have a rest at home, after you are allowed to go home.

·         16.From the second week after the operation, you are allowed to turn back your social life but for 6 weeks after the operation you are not allowed to do hard work.

·         17. For 6 weeks after the operation, sauna, solarium, steam bath, sun bathing and active sports are damaging.

·         18. Generally in the first week, you are allowed to have a half bath without wetting the operation area. From the second week, you can have a full bath. You are not allowed to swim in the swimming pool and sea before the 4th week.

·         19. The information mentioned above is related with abdominoplasty. An operation called as Mini abdominoplasty has more limited time and it has got fewer limitations.

·         20. The incision can be red, itchy and much significant especially in the first months. In time , especially after the 6th month, the color of the incision is blanched and itching reduces. This process continues for 2 years and at the end of the second year, the scar even if it is slight remains on the operation area. This scar is in bikini line.

·         21.In postoperative period, sometimes long lasting or sometimes durable numbness can occur especially on the region under the belly. These are expected to be better in time.

·         22. Complications that may occur after the operation in an early or late period are: Early Period: Bleeding, infection, hematoma, seroma and resolution of the wound. Generally, these complications are rare. In an effort to prevent bleeding and hematoma a drain(a vacuum system) is used. This system helps to control bleeding and leaks. Late Period: A significant bad scar, asymmetry and sensitivity in the abdominal wall are possible.



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