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Breast Reconstructions

The breast can be reconstructed in situations that it is removed partly or totally. While this procedure can be performed in the time of surgical intervention, it may be performed in a different session.


The technique to be used can be carried out with breast prosthesis, tissue expander balloon and tissue transfusion from back and abdominal.

Which technique will be used in which situations, advantages – disadvantages of the of them and recovery process will be told after your examination.


Decision making process in breast recontruction is  very complicated and also related to the oncology team if there is a detected breast cancer.


Instead of giving all different  aspects of all possible reconstruction techniques , it will be better to discuss the right information with you after your first consultation.  The decision making in breast reconstruction is highly dependant on the findings during examination , your health status and desires.  The feature of  other breast and the possible therapies in you treatment plan are also important.



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